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With our high security biometric deadbolt lock you will never have to replace or rekey your door lock ever again due to lost, borrowed, or stolen keys! The fingerprint deadbolt locks we sell are of the highest quality available. Easy to use and install, they are the most popular biometric fingerprint lock products available today. They are easy to use and provide you great security to protect your home and family. As the crime rate continues to rise and standard grade keyed locks are easily defeated more and more people will look to biometric locks to secure their assets.


  • Suitable for use in home or office.
  • Single-latch deadbolt lock.
  • Unlocking ways: fingerprint, password and mechanical key.
  • Fingerprint user capacity 200 .
  • Without handle, adjustable for both left-hand and right-hand doors.
  • In installation, just use the existing knob lock hole.
  • American standard cylinder can be selected. When the mechanical keys are missing, the user can replace the cylinder by themselves.
  • Free handle is adopted to prevent the door from being opened by force.
  • A special hood is adopted to protect the fingerprint reader which is the most important part of the fingerprint door lock.
  • Just need to pull up the hood and put the fingerprint on the reader to open the door. No need to input the passwords by pressing the several buttons of the keypad.

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